Sunday, October 20, 2013

Giving Thanks for Giving

This holiday season, I am partnering with Cooking Planit to celebrate the givers in our lives and communities. Do you know someone who gives to others without looking for recognition or reward? Tell us about him/ her in a short, inspiring story and five stories will be selected for a $250 reward. The grand prize winner will win $1000 for the charity of their choice. Five winners will be chosen from all of the entries based on how inspiring their story is and how they empower others through their efforts.

In 300 words or less:

*Recognize an individual who is making a difference in the lives of others in your community.
*Share how they donate their time, energy or love with a focus on helping others without necessarily thinking of themselves.
*Give details on how they are working to improve the lives of others.

If your inspiring person is chosen, they will receive $250 gift card to help them celebrate Thanksgiving, and you will win $100 as our way of saying thank you. So warm up your pens and warm up the hearts of all of us this Thanksgiving.

Enter your inspiring story on Facebook: or on the Cooking Planit Giving Thanks page:

Check out the details on how you and your nominee can win a little something to make this holiday season brighter.

Because my blog is participating in the contest, I am not able to submit a personal story of my own, but I thought I would share one here as an example.

If I was able to nominate someone for this contest, it would be my parents, Mike and Patty Newton. I realize that if I were really writing this story for the contest it should just be about one person; however, I think of them as a team. They are unconditional givers and two of the most selfless people I know. When I was younger, I definitely took all of their wonderful acts for granted. Being young, immature, and naïve, I just figured that all parents were the same and always acted in a giving way. As I grew older and a little wiser, I've realized how incredible they are and what a support they have been and always will be in my life. We've moved quite frequently in the past few years and they are there every time, helping us pack, watching and playing with our kids, doing our laundry, cleaning or offering a shoulder for me to cry on when needed. My kids, Mason and Gabrielle, call my parents Nana and Nonno (Italian for Grandfather). Nana and Nonno visit us all of the time. They love to be with Mason and Gabby and it gives Jake and I a break. They give a very tired Mom and Dad a much needed reprieve. Their help, love, and guidance is so invaluable. They help me to be a better Mom and I love them more than I can express. They have set a great example and I will always do the same for Mason and Gabby. They are not only like this with family but with their friends and neighbors as well. Thanks Mom and Dad for everything. You truly are the best.

Thanks everyone and I hope to read your inspiring stories soon! xoxo!

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